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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Z Sphere experiment 1

For some reason, the term "z balls" is funnier.

Continuing to putter, this time incorporating z spheres...subdivision is still low on this guy, but the jaggies sort of work on a purely conceptual level. I'll either leave him here (as I overflattened his horns), or pull him out later for detailing practice. Tonight marks my first series of Zbrush crashes! Go, technology!

P.S. -- Thanks for the tips, people! I done got my Dam Standard brush on!

It's definitely more fun working in the lower subdivision levels, mainly because I can see potential in the jaggy artifacts that gets lost when more geometry is added. Turning 'Smt' on and off while subdividing preserves some of it, but my little machine can't handle the polys!


Samuel Deats said...

Nice! I need to learn this program better, myself. Nothing to learn from other than random video tutorials here and there, though, haha...

Paul Richards said...

I have a crew of badass zbrush modelers to hassle at Vigil, so I'm taking their knowledge by force!