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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Babe Lab Mascot -- color pass

Splashed a little color on, or too much...I can't even tell. Less than stoked about the washed-out end result, but what did I expect from such an overly methodical, automated process? If I can't finish it in a couple sittings, it's just going to lose that freshness...period. I guess I'll use a cropped version of this in the banner and call it a day.

It was good trial-and-error practice. I'll learn how to do this shit if it kills me.


Zeke said...

Polish is a cruel, heartless bitch.

it's good, contrast is what it needs. Having the figure on a pure white background is killing it. The cool-ness of her uniform's fabris clashes with the warmth of her flesh and cross symbols; restrict the cool colors to the jar to organize things within the image.

Basically, if she's all warm tones, she's inviting, contrasting the cool scientific feel of the girl in the jar

Are you using a textured brush? Subtle detail in your brush could make for pleasing irregularities in the tone if you want to avoid an over-polished approach. or maybe try doing a speed painting version; set a timer and do the whole thing from scratch as quickly as possible.

this is gonna make an awesome logo!

Anonymous said...

Another vote for contrast, It's real hazy, too much ambient-occlusiony feel to it for my taste. Think your value ranges are too broad on most of the regions, so your value design disappears.

You don't have to restrict your warm and cool colors to specific areas, you just need to light them consistently. Warm lights/cool shadows or the opposite. I mean relatively cool/warm. She's got cool shadows but also cool highlights atm.
I'd like a little texture also, her shirt looks metallic- actually lots of her look metallic, like she's painted metal. Or maybe just different edges to indicate different materials.


Beautiful design Paul, you are a great artist man.

Hugs and Keep it up!

Ted Pendergraft said...
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Ted Pendergraft said...

Hi Paul. If it helps, I find myself wondering "What a nurse is doing in the Babe Lab? Shouldn't she be in a hospital bending over to check a lucky fellas pulse?"

Maybe a lab technician with a white coat and horn-rimmed glasses would be more appropriate.

Sheesh, I hate to be the jack-ass to say make this suggestion at this point. Again, I hope it helps.

I'm a big fan of your work man. Thanks so much for dropping the free knowledge.

-A. said...

I'm lukewarm on this pass, but I like the crop that you used in the babe lab header/logo. Lab coat/radiation sign might play better than the nurse's red cross style logo. Of course, feel free to ignore me. Sheesh, everyone's a critic. :)

Grace Liu said...

I think if you have the tube be the light source this piece might work better. Casting some of the green onto the nurse would help tie the two parts together as well. I really like the colors of her face right now though. Hrmm.