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Monday, April 19, 2010

portrait 08

Peter Cushing...sort of.

I kinda flub it at the drawing stage, so likeness is shot from the start (once again proving that drawing is everything and rendering ain't shit). What I get instead of "Oh hey, Peter Cushing!" is "That sorta looks like...who's that one dude in Star Wars? Grand Moff...something." or worse, "Neat old guy."'s a tough angle.



Cade said...

I didn't think you even started with lines. I'm left wondering if you get rid of the lines after rendering or something.

I think the likeness is pretty good, but my caricature junk looks like... well... junk.

Bob Nelson said...

Hey Paul, I think it's more an issue that most people don't know who Peter Cushing is as opposed to any short comings in your drawing. Kids these days I say well done sir!

Matt Dixon said...

Keep 'em coming, Paul! Eight already, man. That's more than I've done this year!

Anonymous said...

Likeness is tough, I've been doing caricatures for 12 years and it's still tough. Little easier now then in the beginning but still, the second I'm not paying attention...turd! Actually there's a certain level of attention where I draw best, a sweet spot between over-analyzing and completely distracted.
If I'm doing a likeness from a photo, I always try to get several angles so I can get more info about the face. You're changing the angle from your one piece of reference which is awesome and 10x as hard. I try to have a dialog going in my head when doing caricatures "sunken-in eyes, strong/wide brow, long nose, stern mouth, sharp cheekbones..." then make sure all that description comes through in the drawing. Everything is relative-relative proportions of the face all need to come through. I call caricaturing "making things more obvious".

blah,blah... these are awesome man, strangely you seem to get a likeness on the hot girls more then the knarly old guys....