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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spot the rictus.

I learned a terrifying new word this weekend. In the latest issue of Hi Fructose (good James Jean article in that, btw), Al Columbia mentions how Jim Woodring* pointed out that he draws the rictus (or "death smile" -- not sure what the plural of that is) a lot...where the eyes roll back and the mouth grins wickedly.

Try it sometime.

<--*Name droppy post, no?


tiffannysketchbook said...


Alex "Rhino" Voroshev said...

hey man! Please, make video how you drawing your amazing thumbnails or concepts. Robots or monsters) you master!

Grace Liu said...

Learn a new word every day... Watching you pump out these sketches makes me feel super lazy. Great daily portrait studies, Mr. Paul!

Cannot remember if I ever shared this link at the sketch group. I have this book and really like the personality that came through a lot of the portraits here. Res is a bit low but all 65 pages are in this gallery.

Paul Richards said...

It's those video games, Grace. They make you weak and suck away your precious, precious drawing time!

re : Mark Laita // I'd seen some of these images without knowing they were his. The fur trapper was ref for a guy I did on 40K! Totally great pics.

Grace Liu said...

point taken, but without games/anime I would not have wanted to do art, so it's a double edged sword! Like good food, good games make my life worth living :P