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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Playlist

Music for kicking up pollen in muggy springtime Texas...

Emancipator "Safe In The Steep Cliffs" [unreleased]
Bonobo "Black Sands" [Ninja Tune]
Jaga Jazzist "One-Armed Bandit" [Ninja Tune]
Reso "Temjin" EP [Civil Music]
Green Nuns On Ice "The Pan Electric Variations" [Absolute Ambient]
Kaya Project "Desert Phase" [Inerchill]
Slackbaba "Perverting Mankind" [Liquid Records]
Alienopia "Goapocalypsis" [Space Baby]
v/a Vital Signs mixed by Androcell [Celestial Dragon]
v/a FabricLive 50 mixed by D-Bridge & Instra_Mental
v/a Sub:Stance mixed by Scuba [Ostgut Ton]
v/a Tokaloshe Tales compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak [Timecode]
v/a Energy Waves [Suntrip]

Looking forward to :
v/a Sick Music Vol. 2 [Hospital]

1 comment:

Paul LoVerde said...

It is not often I find someone whose taste in music I can appreciate. Thank you for sharing, I really do enjoy your music posts as well as the art of course.