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Sunday, January 2, 2011

color studies -- Dan

Today, Pio Ravago gave me a little crash course in color thumbnailing and avoiding "muddy color." To demonstrate, he used a drawing by our mutual friend Dan Beaulieu. It was such fun, I had to go home and do some of my own.  Thank you, Pio.  Thank you, Dan!


Dan said...

dude thats awesome and im honored haha! I love what you did on the teeth in the back and the blends from color to color look really cool. Pio is one of those scary artist that no one knows about but is a complete bad ass . I'm sure he will become well know and soon now that Blizzard has his hands on him :)
its not the same around here with out you guys:(

James O'Shea said...

I would be curious to know more about your process for color thumbnailing.

Anthony Francisco said...

can I just steal all your music? or maybe just your top 10 of 2010 :)

or we can trade... but I think you will get the bad end of the bargain coz I dont have cool music, lol