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Sunday, July 31, 2011

lifedrawing log - 07.31.11

Every time I do this, I try to have a "take."   In his book The Art Spirit, Robert Henri talks about studying for information. [pg. 25] "...what we can carry away with us -- is often a revelation of the very little understanding we had in the presence of the model."  That's pretty much it.  Even if I come in and bash out another 20 sheets of the same-old-same-old, there's usually one new nugget that sticks in my sieve of a head.  This week it was a shape the fleshy pad the foot makes on the outer side when it contacts the ground, and how it runs into the piggy toe.  That's mine now.

Side note 1 : I've listed "anatomy" and "light" at the very bottom of my lifedrawing agenda.  This is because I feel like I'm still struggling with the stuff closer to the top of my list, most of all "proportion."  I'm still, after all these years, misjudging the relative size of arms, legs, heads, torsos and, well, everything else.  When I feel like I'm consistently nailing gesture and proportion, I'll be able to let myself focus on those other, more cosmetic things.  

Side note 2 : If you moderate a lifedrawing session, leave the music up to the model.  Or at least make an attempt to differ it every week.  HUNDREDS of new tracks have come available in the brief time it took me to post this, and there's many free, streaming services that don't require much musical knowledge, let alone taste.

For that past, oh, six months, I've heard the same 30-or-so songs on perpetual loop at the session I attend.  It's maddening.  I even said something.  I could just suck it up and keep bringing my own listening device, but goddamn, people, NO ES DIFICIL.  


YBourykina said...

Haha I feel you on the music, my life drawing teacher for 2 quarters in our 4 hour life drawing class only played classical music, which I don’t have a problem with… but it was at 8 in the morning with no talking … and that’s when I picked up coffee O_O
I think your life drawing stuff is awesome (well all of your stuff) and everyone will always and forever struggle with proportions in one way or another. I really like your work, I think your stylization works well, there might be a few things here or there out of place, but I assume it’s from quick quick sketches where you were trying to capture the spirit of the character and haven’t refined everything.
Either way, great work as always :)

Paul Richards said...

That's one thing I can't bitch about : they *do* have coffee on the premises. I'd be curious to hear your lifedrawing setlist. Let me guuuuesssssss...VIKING METAL?!?

YBourykina said...

Haha good guess, depends on the mood though, I’ve been rather fond of the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack , but I do generally go for some epic metal, or something more calming and inspiration like Blackmore’s Night and Loreena McKennitt, orrrrrrrrr happy happy dance stuff!

Don’t know if you’ve heard of Lord Wind, but he’s amazing, I’d recommend The Temple of Harmony, and Gift of Gods ^___________^

Audiobooks work well too! :)

Adam Temple said...

I struggle with the same, seemingly mundane challenges. It's maddening, yes, but I'm happy to hear I'm not alone! I love your nugget "That's mine now" lol. Can you recommend any of these wonderful streaming sites you mention? I usually use Grooveshark at work, but I'd love a well mixed radio or two that I could just throw on. I'm into electronica, hip hop, and rock.

Andrey Egorov said...

cool sketches

Gizmoatwork said...

Hi Paul.
This is my first post here. Though I'm following your amazing work for years. You're a great inspiration man.
For your music problem, I had the same issue. Once, the nice guy moderating the session said "Well, don't hesitate to bring your own music". So, now, I'm happy to bring one or two of my CD collection there. It's a great releif for my ears (and my mind). I take care to bring varied audience compatible stuff though !

Edgar Cardona said...

brushing up on your spanish there paul? 'NO ES DIFICIL' lol, throw in a JODER! (sounds like ho-their, and means fuck) and you're set for Spain. :)