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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is more of a visual note to my future self : horn shapes that overlap the eyes like shaggy hair and/or menacing brows.


Kiguri said...

But whut if someone steals the idea?! *waves a sword desperately protecting the image* Hnnngrruuahh

Paul Richards said...

Who needs copyright laws when I have you? :)

Kiguri said...

*useful* yeaaaaaah \m/

Anonymous said...

Fully that not the " saddest" ..well, that is exactly what it is..sadists hurting children.
Just look at the guy in red...pedophile anonymous no longer.
Rush is talking very fast and so are Rove ,and Harper.
And it all started with Colorado U...which was the nastiest place on earth.
And now, Florida U has an ER with Rick, and Remy and Oklahoma....all because of Yemen.
The Queen is SS ,btw, as is Regis Philiban.

Paul Richards said...

That's quite the rant, Michelle! Thanks for visiting!