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Sunday, December 11, 2011

coffeeshop sketches 12.10.11

I brought my lifedrawing rig along with me to a coffeehouse and did my typical draw-a-bunch-of-heads shtick.  (I was with friends who were also drawing, so this didn't look like a needy ploy for attention.)  Rather than put all of these into a giant image like I usually do, I'm just posting the raw, un-leveled photos.  It's realer.

This barista had rockstar hair.  I'm sure every guy she served fell in love with her at least a little.

Here's some monster-y ones.  You can tell when I start getting into a drawing, because I press harder.

Don't ask...

Oh, and here's where I made Daniel Chavez into a rapist.

Also saw quite a few of what I call "real men."  These are the guys who look in NO WAY boyish, or simply "adult male."  They're the big, thick-necked, thick-browed beasts who live to eat, fuck and, I dunno, drag race.  The cute barista you have a crush on?  She goes out with one of THOSE.  


Christopher D White - Game Artist said...

I think John Goodman Frankenstein looks pissed. :D

Eric Henze said...

I am a fan of that top one. It's tight and loose at the same time.

Unknown said...

LOL at the Daniel ones... Awesome.