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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

lifedrawing log - 12.13.11

Someone asked about my aforementioned rig. It's nothing special : smooth newsprint, china marker and a big ol' wooden clipboard thingie. When I'm feeling movie director-ish, I bring my own collapsible chair. Those "horses" you're supposed to draw on are bullshit.  If there's an academic reason to use them, it's probably to make you as uncomfortable as possible, because art is supposed to be HARD, not ENJOYABLE.   THE CLOCK IS TICKING!  QUICK, GET THOSE CORE SHADOWS IN!  Awww no, you failed!  Better luck next year!  That'll be $24,000.


barrymcw said...

The trick with a drawing horse, if it's a longer one, is to turn it on-end & draw standing. It's my go-to for life drawing.


como siempre solo publicas genialidades del diseño y el arte maestro!!

mageormike said...

Wonderful! The more I see your work, the more I am reminded of Mattesi's Force books.

Particularly where you emphasize or exaggerate certain parts of the body or pose.