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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 shadow treatments

Did this quick demo for my friend Alexey today over Skype, and thought I would archive it, because it drives home something I picked up last year.

As I understand, there's only two aesthetic ways to drop shadows onto form.  They can be done in all different ways, depending on the direction of the light, but you either want something to be mostly lit, or mostly unlit.

LEFT -- given over to light
RIGHT -- given over to dark

Two schemes...they both work.  Alexey cleverly pointed out that it's the mostly lit scheme (LEFT) that would best showcase local colors, so in the world of concept illustration, perhaps there's only ONE PRACTICAL WAY to do it.  Hmm...


Kungfoowiz said...

Great advice =) One thing tho, maybe should be unlit (right) side instead for better locals? =) Cheers =)

Paul Richards said...
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Paul Richards said...

Edward, thanks for catching my typo! I meant to say "lit" instead of "unlit." You're totally right. Fixed!

Kungfoowiz said...

Np man =) Rock on! =)