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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Job acquired! / Gnomon

I'm pleased to announce, as of next week, I'll be at 343 Industries (the Microsoft game developer helming Halo) working with yet another all-star team. Feel so fortunate!

Special, sugar-coated thanks to everyone who reached out to me during my period of unemployment. I was flattered by all the interest, and was able to do a lot of exploring and people-meeting.  I'd say "networking" but that's so California-douchey.

The new job will land me in the Seattle, WA area. As a new, single resident, I'm of course interested in all the good art and music spots. If anyone has any recommendations, or would care to meet up or visit, please contact me at djunderfoot (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd love to hear from you!


I'd also like to thank everyone who attended/coordinated last week's Babe Lab workshop, "Sensitivity Training." The place was packed for a Thursday night (200+) and everything went so well, we'd be insane not to do it again. Stacy was a real trooper, letting me basically use her body as a prop. The things we do for art!

Thanks to Joshua James Shaw for the pic.


Kungfoowiz said...

Congrats man, you totally rock! =)


Congrats on rocking the new gig...


SprockX said...

Congratulations on the new job.
I've been lurking a bit on your blog for probably waayyy to long.
I don't know you obviously but I'm glad to see that you found a gig with a studio that's moving along at a breakneck pace.
That being said I enjoyed looking at your work in the Darksiders Artbook and of course here every chance I get.
I'm trying to get back in the art game myself. If you feel so inclined drop by my deviantart page. I'm working on new stuff as quickly as I can.
Any crits would be appreciated.

Best of luck.

Unknown said...

congratulation on your new employement and welcome to the north west sir! You'll arrive right for the spring, which is fantabulous up here.
Do you know where you'll be staying?
Kirkland? Downtown Seattle? Great coffee all around anyway. We'll you join Vinod for sketch night? We are close to your future offices.
You'll love it up here!
Once again, welcome to Seattle!

[B]ehram said...

Congrats, man!
haha California-douchey!

virginia critchfield said...

good luck with the new gig paul! New adventure! Oh, and say hi to tom scholes if you see him. He could give you all the good info on where to hang. Dude is awesome.

Paul Richards said...

Virginia -- I have met Tom! Great artist. Even greater guy -- could tell almost instantly!

Anton said...

Haha sorry to hear you didn't like us douches. I hope you find your sanctuary in Seattle, from which you can spring onto new heights and new adventures. Best of luck, man!

Mike Monroe said...

Oh friggen snap. First Vinod moves up here and now you. Freakin awesome.

Mark Behm said...

Good to hear it, Paul. Drop a line once you are settled.

Paul Reinwand said...

Rad, congrats. If you ever make it down to Portland gimme a heads up so I can buy you a beer!