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Sunday, February 12, 2012

lifedrawing log - 02.11.12

AM - Art/Not Terminal

PM - Digipen -- Don't think I've ever seen a model do (let alone hold) a headstand.  This chick was a badass.


Russel Roehling said...

Is that second model the girl with the big dreads, scars and such? She's in some acrobat troupe, I've seen her hold some 20 minute poses I'd be hard pressed to hold for 10 seconds.

Paul Richards said...

Yes! She had Battlefield Earth hair.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Excellent drawings as always. Thanks for posting. :)

Sylvain Decaux said...

The line work is really expressive, you can really feel the tension ! What kind of pencil do you use for these ?

Paul Richards said...

China marker, yo.