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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The guys at work are teaching me to render.  Or, rather, I'm forcing them to.

For the past week or so I've been painting reflective balls into photographs, trying to marry them with their environment.  Not very exciting, I know, but you have to start somewhere.  Thanks to Albert, Sparth, Gabo and John.


Vince Aparo said...

looks pretty 'married' to me. nice job!

Allison Alexander Westbrook IV said...

Nice work! I think I've discovered a new direction in my studies...

Unknown said...

Looking great! I suck at drawing anything that isn't "from life", so your site is a constant source of inspiration.

...I don't suppose you offer e-apprenticeships, do you? :D

Dan said...

wow thats cool looking !are you absorbing much as you do it?

ural memis said...

i would be more then happy if you can share what they say, what you find most valuable during the progress :]
What's important while rendering something like this,
where is it used mostly,
how can it effect our workflow, sketches etc.
Also, why are you recently interested in rendering 3d objects in a analog way.
Thank you.

Kungfoowiz said...

Hey Paul, this is so helpful, would you mind sharing any studies you do from these guys? Would be super helpful to us noobs, thx's for this one, will try it out as well =)