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Monday, March 5, 2012

More Zedbrush

...this time with coaching from my man on the inside, Sean Binder.  He suggested I was jumping to dynamesh too quickly, and that I needed to rough out my shapes better at lower subdivision.  I should have picked Kurt Papstein's brain before I left Cali.  Maybe I can get 343 to import him for a seminar!  You game, Kurt?

Was watching this HP Lovecraft documentary and wanted to make a fish man.  Gonna take him further tomorrow.


Thomas Salonga said...

It's awesome seeing your traditional figure drawing knowledge transitioning over to zbrush. Your work has me in awe! I'd like to see it texture painted and lighted when you have the time.

Sputch said...

Nice work! You translate over to 3d very well as is usually the case with concept artists.
I just gotta suggest one thing...when it comes to the red wax material, just say no. Go with a nice, clean, simple matcap that clearly shows the forms esp. while sculpting. This is going to sound douchey, but it's true...none of the pros touch that mat. I wish it wasn't the default.

mohammad modarres said...

Pretty cool zbrush works Paul,maybe its better to work with Basic Material Instead of Wax material meta caps since its show real time of light changes on your model.