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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Color B

The fight against flatness continues...

(Again, pay no heed to the drawing --Just slapped something down so I could resume aforementioned color exercise.  I have NO patience.)

Wins : saturation gradation employed on skin and background, efforts made to make upper body brighter than background and lower body darker than background

Losses : still lacking strong contrasts, needs a splash of something "other" -- a green or something to make it less homogeneous.  I hate to say "rimlight" but that's probably what's called for.  It should be a new rule for me...  "It ain't shit if it ain't contrasty."

I found a few images on CGhub that I thought had good contrast and watched the HSB sliders jumping around near the edges.  The edges in my color experiment above had slight jumps...not acceptable!  The jumps on my fix below are slightly bigger.

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