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Friday, May 25, 2012

Color A

My friend Vince Aparo and I are on a quest to get cozier with color.  We're going through the alphabet, which will act as a randomizer for subject matter.  One a day for 26 days.

These exercises will be less about the drawings and more about color selection and application.  I'm trying to be decisive about which colors I use (or at the very least have a loose plan) and work on a single layer.  

Today's takeaways (Thanks Shae Shatz) :
-Determine neutrals (base) -- Must be there for poppy colors to pop!
-Reserve saturated color for focal areas
-Pick a compliment
-"Stained glass" filter works well for color picking
-Don't start on a white background (if you can help it)
-Play with hue jitter on brush
-Play with noise layers set to soft light

1 comment:

Vince Aparo said...

wow paul! these r great i really enjoy the amount of thought u put into the color scheme. that cool bounce light on ur ant is well placed. i still gotta finish mine :/ will b up late