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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AJ tut - "Mother Color"

Anthony Jones generously sent me a video tutorial on color (How nice is that?), which I've attempted to use in tandem with yesterday's discovery.  He suggested that colors really only make sense in the context of a unifying "mother color."  This was consistent with Daniel Chavez's helpful comments on establishing a color hierarchy.

I've seen this done retroactively by using colorized hue/sat adjustment layers with the opacity reduced, photo filters and color balance.  On-the-fly, it can be achieved by choosing a hue, dappling it on the "mother color" (at a lower flow) and using the resulting blend rather than the original full-on hue.

AJ also pointed out that the hue jumps in my pre-fab palette were a little big, so I've gone back into the adjustment layers and made them all more subtle.

Thanks so much, man.  Lucky to have you as a friend.


Routinechaos said...

No link to the tutorial? tsk tsk
Thanks for posting all your explorations with color btw, it's helping me grow a little insight of my own. I usually "just paint", which is a horrible method. Could be nice to know how to explain things.

Steve T. said...

Any chance you could post a link to that video?

Paul Richards said...

Haledorn, drop me a mail and I'll forward the video to you!

VOM said...

I suspect you'll get more requests for the video ... any possibility of posting it to vimeo or some other video site?

But, maybe it's a private production, so then no worries.