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Monday, June 18, 2012

Color S + Paul's Palette

I love Adobe’s Kuler extension (which helps you generate swatches ‘n’ such) but I never cared for how you can’t color-pick directly from it.

…so I made this simple palette generating PSD.
[Download Version 1, for a limited time, here.]

How it works : Fill the active layer with your foreground color and the grouped adjustment layers do the rest!  Then just use it to color-pick from.

Mix in the complementary color with a low-flow brush, and the results are kinda nifty.

P.S. -- There's a stick in the above image, so that counts as my "s."


crowline said...

This is a cool idea, thanks for sharing!

I have actually been working on the development version of "Alchemy" ( which includes a palette and palette generation/modification features.

I might look at including your color palette setup as a "harmonious color" selection preset group based on the current active color. The code is already there, just need to plug in the modification values :-)

You might find the development version of alchemy interesting... can import kuler/photoshop palettes, or automatically download/load a random palette, perform random or specific modifications to the whole palette, etc.

unfortunately the only place to get the development builds(win/linux) is on my personal google drive (which seems awfully shady - i know), since the alchemy site was recently hacked and the forums/etc are still down.

this video shows some of the color features - back at an earlier stage.

vimeo video

alchemy development at google drive

Dado Almeida said...

That´s a neat tool. Just this week I have to build an entire swatch set in SAI...this would save some hours of work. Thks Paul.

Paul Richards said...

Crowline -- I'd be honored to test out any Alchemy betas you might have a hand in developing. I'm trying to piece together the Windows version you posted, but I keep missing modules. // In any case, thanks for commenting!

crowline said...

Sorry the build doesn't work on your machine. I have gotten some reports of failure launching on Windows 7 - 64 bit... but have had trouble getting a fix in, since I am currently the only one working on Alchemy and I mostly work under linux - and it works fine on my Win7 64-bit laptop.

If want to try to work through it, email me any info about the crash, or the terminal output when launched from the command line - can maybe see whats wrong. Otherwise you can just give it a try again down the road and hopefully things will be sorted out.

Anyway, thanks for giving it a shot.

Mike Monroe said...

Pretty clever Paul. Thanks for sharing.

Palner said...

very nice Paul.. Thanks for sharing