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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Death Rattle

Don't get me wrong.  I'm proud to have been involved with this visually unique franchise.  But I still occasionally had to do clean-up passes and callouts on other people's work, like a little bitch. This guy was a jailer variant.  I think Han Randhawa drew him.

Death armor by Brian Jones with callouts.

The design to the left was done by Han Randhawa, and I just did a liner pass from a different angle to make sure the mouth was explained.

Han also made this tree golem that was built, but never used, I guess because it looked like a like a dumpy ewok.  I thought those things in his belly were eggs, lol!

Thumbnails for the stinger hive, a wasp nest that belches unpleasantness...

And, at one stage, Death was going to have these little creatures that assisted him called Reapers, which we weren't sure should be platybears or full-blown demons.  I was preeeettttty sure they should be platybears.  You go with the general tone of the project.  I AM A VERY GOOD CONCEPT ARTIST.

I was thinking the Reapers would be made out of some gooey, shadowy susbstance, and that they might sprout wings and stuff, but eh...this mechanic got killed, and in the shipped game, you get assisted by these cool undead king dudes instead.  Much better.

...I think that's it!  Thanks everyone for checking back.  I hope these posts provided a glimpse of what it's like to work on such a crazily creative project at the pre-production stage.  Vigil Games opened up doors for me professionally and personally, putting me in touch with incredible people, developers and fans alike.  I love you guys.


Martin Kepler said...

Thanks Paul for this rare insight into your professional work :)

So much joy and inspiration!

You're a good fella for sharing all your knowledge and your entertaining ideas.

Keep on rockin' - it's always a big pleasure to stop by.

Mike Crichlow said...

Awesome, man! It's been so cool to see your posts about 'Darksiders' and the development process. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

You're daily posts have been an inspiration to say the least. You are a master of variations. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Sirscribblesalot said...

All the content you've posted on your blog I believe will help me progress further along my own personal journey of art.

Thank You Mr. Richards.

Iain said...

Really like the loose sketchy process and the odd bit of colour wash. Jeez, you must bash 'em out.
Looking forward the Art of darksiders2

bobo said...

Thanks so much for all those little nuggeets of insight into the workings of your work!