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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Make Mine Maker!

The Maker architecture was derived from some early Nick Southam concepts -- Ulthane's house -- which was composed of circular doors with chunky stone slabs and Celtic knotwork.  Really, this is all his fault.

Nick did a color pass on this big, frowny-faced Maker temple, which I roughed out in primitive 3D.  With character concepts you can kind of BS your way through, but level geometry requires a bit more spatial awareness.

A quickie stylesheet, explaining the round motif.  I must have really thought I was onto something!

...and some extrapolations of this concept.  Other concept artists who did Maker environments, like Phu Giang, did their own extrapolations.

More level chunks from the top concept, explained further...

Bridge segments and temples...

"I made you this bowl."

Concepts for the above statue...and a few flags.


CCSNASH said...

His works are amazing! I love it all!
Strong Hug!

Saxen8 said...

Hi dawg, you are featured on my blog about as inspiration!