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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peter Clarke notes - pt. 8

Amazing things can happen when you allow yourself to have an experience. Peter's class definitely was one.

[Peter Clarke and myself not pictured]

"Make some bigger decisions."

[referring to the beginning of a new drawing] "This is the fun part. It's wide open. Anything can happen."

"You have to be here."

"You might not get another chance to come back, so while you're there..." [makes a very specific mark]

"Those small changes in direction are going to involve you more."

"Totally draw that hand. What a cool shape!"

"That foot. Definitely draw that foot. And make it cool. Don't just...fudge it."

"Skin is like clothing. It's just really, really, really tight."

"Commit. If you make marks and then ignore them, why are you making them?"

"You've just got to jump...jump off the cliff."

"Everything you put down should be furthering the drawing."

[puts a piece of scotch tape at the top of my drawing's head, presumably to blunt it] "I'm just doing that to fuck with you."

[lays down tracing vellum over my page] "Try to animate her."

[lays down tracing vellum over someone else's page.] "Draw everywhere else where you haven't already."

"You already drew that."

"You can lean her. Lean her more."

[draws a box] "It's in a space."

"This is the last pose."

[to the model, but also to the class] "Change."

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