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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Peter Clarke notes pt. 6

""If you're going to make stuff up out of your fucking head, go home and do it there.  You can draw Betty Boop at home if you really need that shape."

"Be angry about it."

"Shout at it with the instrument."

"It's a fucking fight."

"When you come here, you should be like a shark."

"You're a surveyor. [points to model] That's the terrain."

"Who is that girl?"

"Don't lop her off."

"Draw the feet first."

"You call that a foot?  Okay, fine..."

[looking at my drawing with disdain] "Oh man..."

[looking at my drawing with approval, pointing at an internal mark] "Yeah.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  There are so many movements." / "More of this."

"You guys are giving her shoulders like the fucking Hulk.  Look at her!"

"You guys are going to make me drink that Jameson by the sink if we don't start doing something."

"What does it mean to be alive?"

"Remember, don't get bored."

"Don't be programmed.  We've been liberated from the fucking garden!"

"Be sensitive to your options."

"You are the master of that fucking paper."

"No formulas."

"I know this sounds crazy.  It has to be."

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