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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wet T-Shirt Friday Pt. 5

Isaac Owens had me feelin' the halftone...


Isaac B. Owens said...

This sketch is working! The pose has flow and the colors/rendering have pop. The rendering on the elbow/arm (not behind hair) is very successful. I'm also really digging the the little bit of tummy, it helps fight the "action figure feel". The only constructive criticism I have would be having the foot her weight is on line up under her head and showing some of the neck or clavicle while pushing the arm behind the hair away from the head a bit. But that's just being nitpicky.
Rock on!

Paul Richards said...

Thanks for the crit man. If you can believe it, the foot was even MORE un-aligned with the head before I scanned it in and warped her body up at the bottom. Guess I didn't push it far enough!

Josh Silvas said...

yummy =P
wish i had an awesome critique but Mr. Isaac has seemed to have taken the words.
Love it!