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Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Whisper -- Page 4 cntd." or "The Quest For Patience"

So I'm trying to learn from yesterday's mess. I resumed working up the blueline on this page in Photoshop, that most forgiving of mediums. With still more tweaking to be done, and for curiosity's sake, I paused to see how inking in Sketchbook Pro would feel. Verdict : pretty nice, actually. And fast. The software was worth every penny.

I had my shit backwards : you put the bulk of the work into the foundation, not the finishing passes. Gotta let that cake bake!


Unknown said...

Know exactly what you mean about the foundation. I'm still getting used to that.

Anonymous said...

Hope you discover a method to work with both mediuns withou being too much "pluged-in".
Days ago I got a tip about this app: PaintTool SAI. Google it and give it a try, if you can. I think you'll love the brush engine. A little smoother than Sketchbook I think. Perfectly for inking.