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Monday, February 1, 2010

lifedrawing log - 02.01.10



Duuuurrrr! I'm making cartoons!

It's been another one of those days. Silver lining : had a beer with some of the Lightbox boys after tonights's session. Thanks for being cool.


Unknown said...

For what it's worth, I think your stuff has more good ole fashion life in it than most figure drawing I see nowadays. I'm envious and would love to bring alot more of that to my work. Just because something doesn't look like a lifeless statue, doesn't mean it's a cartoon. Keep up the amazing work.

Danny said...

I wasn't there, so I can't say offhand, but I doubt that these people are giving you backhanded compliments.
In most cases if people approach you to talk about your work it's because they see something they like.

Even so, it is amazing that people are so easily conned by simple and well designed drawings, despite the life and personality you imbue them with. The fact that you make it look easy is even more of a slap in the face.

Unknown said...

Woah... Don't let it get to you, man. You rock.


marctaro said...

I love that bit "Detail is the Refuge of the Weak" - hahaha! Don't let the guys at Epic hear that :)

marctaro said...

And re: the comments at the drawing group - A - f*'em, who's got the kick ass art job hey???? and B - go do Dr Sketchy's man - where they know good art! Isn't there a cool'er group where you are? Or start your own! It's way more fun booking your own models I can tell ya - I'm sure you'd get a few ppl to join in an pay the posing fees...I've hosted sessions, and never lost money on it - artist will show up to draw with you man!!!!

carlos garcia said...

muy buen trabajo, saludos.

brianleepainter said...

Paul, maybe this is a matter of semantics. Perhaps what the ignorant ones had meant to utter, instead of cartoon,was "hey, nice lines and design!"

Anywho, they don't matter. The good artists, the ones you want to converse with anyways aren't going misuse the "c" word.

On the same chapter, sometimes it is frustrating to see mediocrity somehow enshrined by others. When this happens I think to myself that I know objectively what is good art:P

Tom van der Linden said...

He Paul, these studies look great! They have a lot of style and flow and life in them. But, gotta admit, they look a bit "cartoony" (hate to say it, sorry! :S) and exaggerated here and there but I guess it's hard to turn that off. But keep at it, and just look, look, look! :P

Unknown said...

Thanks for your blog : )

Grace Liu said...

You are a badass artist but an awful model. When the model fainted you were moving too much for me to grab a decent portrait of you :(

The burning hate is a plus though. Definitely.