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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A snippet of conversation...

Wendy : I don't understand why you always draw penises coming out of their mouths.
Me : It's like a double-dong.
Wendy : Then why is there jizz coming out of it?
Me : That's supposed to be saliva.
Wendy : Well it's not reading as saliva.
Me : Can you go now? I get really embarassed when you watch me.

Slapped some color onto one of these just to remind myself how. I can only seem to get into coloring stuff when my art metabolism slows to a crawl. Or when there's boobs involved.


jamie holmes said...

I love the girls and the threes.

Unknown said...

Wendy needs to keep her mind outta the gutter!

Paul Richards said...

That's my negative influence, I'm afraid.

Marc Nagel said...

This page needs moar dildos. Yeah,its definetly your thing somehow. ;)

Undersn said...

To Mr. Paul and the artistically inclined

In one of your captions you wrote "Eyes+Mouth before Nose". Just wanted to know how that technique helps you out.