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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Babe Lab Mascot -- pass 1

Working up an illo from a thumbnail scribbled in a restaurant waiting room last weekend. It's for Babe Lab -- part of a series, no doubt.

The legs and the cannister need work, but it's getting there. Phase two complete. The cannister in the thumbnail works better because it's streamlined and less like something you'd see at a bank teller's window. It needs to be more fun to look at while not stealing spotlight from its contents. I also sorta screwed myself by picking such a straight-on, 1-1 the legs waaay more emphasis than they need, and draws attention to my anatomy fuckups.

If you can say it, you can correct it.


Zeke said...

pretty cool, but what about bringing the camera in closer, more of a mid shot, have the canister on a table or something with the camera close enough to see the girl inside of the canister, have the nurse-lady leaning in to examine it, get some clevage in there.

Basically this is a cool image, but the viewer is a bit removed from the action; my eye is being drawn more towards her hips than anything, it'd be better to focus in on her face/boobs and the canister and it's contents

Paul Richards said...

Agreed. I'm retooling this. Thanks for feedback.