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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sergey Popov can kick your ass.

Going to Moscow also meant I was able to finally meet the legendary Sergey Popov, whose brilliant concepts and models heavily set the tone of the impending hack 'n' slasher, Captain Blood.  Look for it in about a month!

Just look at that tattooed stallion of a man.  See how easily he could crush me.

We drew stuff!

An unexpected bonus was that I also got to meet Alexey Baryjikov, as well as their friend and business partner Dimitri, aka "Demon."  Everyone in Russia has at least four names.

Addendum : Sergey and I will, as a personal challenge, each be doing our own versions of Quake I's "Shambler." Look for that in coming posts!

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Dhilip kumar somesh said...

hi is that a forced perspective or something like it :)