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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gloat Post - Gift!

Wonderful and random : Alex Villarreal came out of the woodwork at lifedrawing this week and surprised me with this framed thumbnail -- a sort of thank-you for Thumb War. You're so welcome! And thank you!

Alex also clued me into the fact that I was mentioned in this month's issue of ImagineFX. News to me! They weren't even in contact.

Someday -- SOMEDAY I will earn more than a postage stamp sized image in that magazine. Message to myself : more detail and color, goddamn you!


Vinod Rams said...

That's awesome Paul. I can give you the editors name if you ever wanted to do a tutorial. They let you do what you want with no oversight.

And yeah your Darksiders "dump" is awesome, everyone I meet in the industry knows about it!

Doug Dutton said...

Your stuff rules man! keep up the good work!

Dhilip kumar somesh said...

haha that true ,but u already have earned and learn how to use the force :)

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