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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Allods art book / Nival pics

Here are some snapshots of the Allods Online art book, which, from what I've gleaned, is not commercially available stateside, so I feel very fortunate to have a hardcover copy signed by Nival's art staff.  From cover to cover, it's proof of what happens when you get a bunch of like-minded badasses under one roof who care about doing their absolute best. Most of this stuff can be found floating around places like cghub, which I really need to be better about visiting, posting and approving friend requests!

The crown jewel : art director Victor Surkov gave me his very first concept produced for an earlier incarnation of the game.  Acrylic on paper.  Just amazing to see up close.  It's one of the nicest pieces of original art I own.

Here's me with Nival's project manager/artist Alexander Gorbatyuk, alias Kyodai.  Alexander was the one of the key people who made my visit possible, and, on top of all his diligent organization, was translating.  Thanks again for such a warm welcome!

Clockwise from left : Alexander Gorbatyuk, Konstantin "Vakon" Vavilov, Alexey "Mex" Samokhin, Maria "Ketka" Trepalina, me -- We're all supposed to be looking revolting.  Smiley photos are so dull!

Clockwise from left : me, Konstantin VavilovAlexander Gorbatyuk,  Alexey Samokhin, Anton "Artonik" Lavrushkin

Good, good times.  Thanks again, Nival!


McLean Kendree said...

Oh man, I JUST found work from this studio on cghub eariler today, I am extremely envious... You didn't grab a few extra books to sell to stateside losers, did you?

Vinod Rams said...

Yeah seriously, I want one!

Taylor Fischer said...

so jelly so jelly

First Keeper said...

Oh, so pitty:( My husband gave our Allods artbook for Diablo 3 team. I wish to have another one again.
So many familiar faces on photos :)

Unknown said...

Was a very very fun and usefull experience! thank you some much)
i have a missing foto on my page)