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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peter Clarke notes pt. 5

"Look around.  You're in a playground.  You're in a sandbox."

"How high can you jump?"

"Can you make a leap into another area?"

"You can make all kinds of marks.  You can form it out of anything as long as you're describing."

"Go for the information right away.  See even more and try to put it down."

"Don't let it escape you."

"See if you can push it, and then go out to the other parts."

"I want to get you thinking this way, rather than the usual slashes and 2x4s."

"Fuck what it looks like."

"Accidents are good.  Surprise yourself."

"You can try it.  You're not going to die."

"Trust must be established and built."

"He's organic."

"It's the small changes that really matter."

"Doing this [notches in a small, seemingly insignificant nook on a knee]...sets me up for that [draws a calf muscle in response to it]."

"Try to care about that."

"Commit right away, so you have something to stand on."

"Look at him more than you look at the paper."

[pointing to a leg that's too much of an uninterrupted curve] "You gotta get away from that."

"You got a little bit of a...Marvel leg right there."

"Why did you make that ribcage come out like that?"

"That's not what's happening."

"Don't get lost."

"See it quicker.  What do you need to close that gap?"

"You can go as slow as a snail [and still suggest motion/direction]."

"I think it's time for a masterpiece.  Don't you think?"

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