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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exorcising Demons

I kicked the year off by doing a demon a day, as warmups for work. While I can't rightly post any of those (as they were done under Vigil's roof and may potentially be used in Darksiders 2), I *can* continue the practice independently. So here are a few from last night.

Sometimes you just gotta draw demons, no matter who you're drawing 'em for.


Skiffy said...

What are the odds you think of a an evil Darksiders Art Book finding itself forming to include all the awesome works of you and all the fellow artists on the project? I am not just talking cool concepts but nice screenshots of Zbrush sculpts, model, wicked textures and environment shots from the game close-up. I guess the Oddworld art book from Ballistic would be a good example of what is possible. I would pay for that without hesitation btw even if it cost a bit more then the full retail game… seriously… 

Paul Richards said...

I campaigned that such a book be put together, but you know game development -- everyone is scrambling to make the actual product ship-shape. Art books are last on the list of in-house priorities, so they usually get bashed together by some third party who has neither the understanding nor the personal investment to make it quality.

Vinod Rams said...

Amen, can't go wrong with demons! Or anything with big nasty horns!

GWhitehall said...

Great studies Paul. Im curious about the frame you drew around that horn in the middle...were you "composing" the shape inside of a frame? Looks interesting, maybe im just reading into it too much :p Keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Not sure what's scarier, Richards - your ability to produce these awesome little mockups, or the fact that you even think so many of the things up!

My guess - "the voices".