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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peter Clarke notes pt. 3

"Sculpt him down onto the paper."

"You have to have more marks."

"You want more.  How do you get more?"

"It's an adventure." / "'Can I do it?  Can I climb the mountain?'"

"Be prepared to go there.  Experiment with ways to go there."

"There'll be time to be 'the sensitive artist.'  Just put it down."

[of other artists] "You can lean on these guys."

"Call it madness." / "That kind of freedom, all the time." /  "Stay that agile." / "You have to jump out of the way of that kind of drawing."

"Let go of the realism thing." / "Your job is to make it exciting.  Make it interesting."

"Don't allow it to flatten out."  / "Dimension, dimension, dimension!"

"Remember, you control the drawing.  The drawing doesn't control you."

"When something nice happens, just keep multiplying it."

"Don't run to construction."

"Go to the inside.  Go to the outside less often." / "Draw the inside stuff."

"Everything's important."

"You're trying to find ways to play."


"Think about a letter of the alphabet."

"Let the idea reign."