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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Peter Clarke notes pt. 4

I feel like my brain has taken a beating. A much needed beating.


"You're not 'warming up.'"

"Draw that stretch. Don't segment her!"

"Feel your own drawing. If you can't, how can someone else?"

[in reference to the physical differences between humans] "They're not 'aberrations.' They're realities."

"Her whole body is a face."

"What's your [mental] position when you do a drawing?"

[in reference to your own drawing] "These are mirrors."

"You have to be the un-moving mover." / "Move sideways in your thinking."

[lays down an Alphonse Mucha illustration] "Try drawing her like that."

[pointing to a roughed-in, indicated foot] "...And why that?"

"She's got toes, she's got fingers..."

"Is that really the way her hip looks?"

"She's like a poem. How many lines are in a poem?"

"The kind of grace that's here is everywhere." / "She's life." / "She is the universe."

"What's your capacity?"

"Don't take the weight off."

"Why just do the minimal thing? Why repeat that again and again and again? I want more out of life than that!"

"You're prisoners of your own kind of cage."

[exasperated] "Man, you guys..."

"'I'll just keep not knowing that.' No!"

"How are you going to move the ball forward?"

"You can always go back."

[points to model] "She's trying. Shouldn't we be trying as hard as that?"

[in reference to the day one crosses over into understanding / success] "You cross over now." / "Why wait?"

"That's a great pose. It'll never happen again. Don't you wanna draw that?"

"A problem has been introduced, so you're going to think about how you're going to solve it."

"Try to fuck around with stuff."

"Stop trying to be perfect. You're not going to get it. You're not a camera." / "What is 'accuracy?' It's just a fine observation." / " "The feeling rules." / "If you're really feeling, your accuracy will improve."

"Don't choose to bore yourself with that." / "Why choose to be boring?"

What looks like it means nothing might mean everything.

A knee can be a portrait.

I wonder if "I'm doing fan art." could be a good position to draw from. "This thing I'm matter how mundane it is...I'm going to geek out about it. I'm going to glorify it."

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Wow... some of that is HUGE!!!