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Saturday, April 27, 2013


I'm compiling a dark fantasy game art book!

My developer brethren : How many times have you made/dismissed something thinking, "Oh, they'll never go for that."? What if "they" was "you", in this case? What if, for the first time, your creativity was king, and a big, fat, juicy "yes" was waiting for you at every approval gate? That's the spirit of Substrata.

My version of the game (seen in the samples below) takes place in an afterlife for plants. You play as Dandelion, a weed on her quest to become a flower.

But that's just my (very early) take. Others' interpretations have been wildly different, which is the whole point!

Deadline is August 1st.


nlombardo said...

Great idea and cool character!

xerxyz said...

What kind of credentials are needed to submit for this art book? Is it an open affair or simply available to those who get to do this stuff for a living?