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Monday, June 14, 2010

lifedrawing log - 06.14.10

Note to self : don't sit in the center of the room again. The model always feels they need to face in the direction of the audience...stage front. All those dead-on shots just kill depth. You can still get good stuff, don't get me wrong. I just always tend to sit to either side in order to get those nice 3/4 views with heavily receding/advancing forms. 6B was an imagined view of 6, just because I had that too-perfect tunnel vision.


Billy Wimblett said...

Nice stuff Paul! Think of it this way: had you not sat in the middle, you would've just done another set of 3/4 views. This way you changed it up a bit, and you get to practice the subtle depth of straight on views.

Paul Richards said...

I'm not a person who's easily impressed by "subtle." But yes, I see your point.