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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Vigil Games Website

I was commissioned to do some stylized portraits for Vigil's new site. Here's the first batch.  They were tinted a different color.

(typo in the file name -- ah, whatever)

Oh hey, also, it looks like our Warhammer 40K vid went out just in time for E3.  Dark Millennium Online!  I got to design (redesign?) that dude with with the book at the beginning.  Model by One Lung.  Animations by Jeremy Fones.

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Michael Rookard said...

Looks awesome Paul!

Mark Behm said...

the portraits = awesome.

Paul Reinwand said...

The portraits are super! I just watched the trailer for 40k, cool beans, will you/have you been working on production art or do they have you on another project?

justink said...

*really* diggin the portraits!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see your portrait of my buddy Josh Coons! I'm sure you'll capture all the creepy awesomeness.

So glad you guys are working the 40k MMO... Not only do I know you won't mess it up, you'll make sure it's worthy of the franchise.

Michael Rookard said...

Paul, there are going to be female character choices right?

Sisters of Battle for my wife plz.

Also, I really hope there are more than 2 factions, that is always really susceptible to massive population imbalances :(

Vrav said...

Is that BoBo the Seal?

Paul Richards said...

It is indeed.