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Thursday, June 3, 2010

sketchflex / namedrop

Got the honor of meeting Avalanche's fantastic Ryan Wood at our weekly sketch function last night! A most unexpected treat. Also, Jason Rosenstock has started attending, a Bioware contractor. Ben Olson was also here over the weekend. Dude's working on Rage for id Software...insane talent. Not too shabby, our rotating cast of characters...

(I never feel like finishing or coloring shit at these things.)

Early June playlist :
-Enduser "1/3"
-Pendulum "Immersion"
-Helios "Unleft"
-Squarefeet "Flatfoot"
-Trentemoller "Into The Great Wide Yonder"
-Mono "Holy Ground : NYC Live With The Wordless Music Orchestra"
-v/a "Hospital Mix 8 : Mixed by Logistics"

Looking forward to :
-The Flashbulb "Arboreal" (8 days left!)
Video for "Undiscovered Colors"
Benn Jordan's music makes me feel good to be alive.  Technically organic.  Damned beautiful.


Vrav said...

Cheers for the artist links and heads up on new Flashbulb stuff. Soundtrack to a Vacant Life is timeless.

Paul Richards said...

I dunno, dude. Lion tails are pretty friggin' sweet. They have that little tuft of fur at the end...