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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Artgasm : Gemini School Open House

Had the privilege of visiting the Gemini School of Visual Arts & Communication tonight for their annual "Industry Day."  Got back and immediately had to sift through all the photos.  Amazing place.  Amazing talent.  And so close at hand this whole time!

Here's a big ol' collage I whipped together. Thanks to founders Roger and Colette Barcilon for hosting, director Manny Carrasco for VIP-tour-guiding and my good friend Dan Beaulieu for cluing me into this awe-inspiring event!  Whooooosh!  Artgasm!


Zeke said...

goddammit these paintings are so awesome it makes me head hurt!

Adam Temple said...

I didn't know Jordan was still in school...either that or that's a perfect doppleganger. Nice spread!

Paul Richards said...

Jordan's faculty now. He teaches a class in advanced vest wearing.

justink said...

thanks for comin' out to the event last night, paul! had a blast.

justink said...

haha no worries man

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

That was an amazing night!

Ya, Adam, I am not attending, nor teaching at Gemini; just friends with the people there.

oh, and tease all you want, I can take it ;)