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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Vigil Games Website

I was commissioned to do some stylized portraits for Vigil's new site. Here's the first batch.  They were tinted a different color.

(typo in the file name -- ah, whatever)

Oh hey, also, it looks like our Warhammer 40K vid went out just in time for E3.  Dark Millennium Online!  I got to design (redesign?) that dude with with the book at the beginning.  Model by One Lung.  Animations by Jeremy Fones.

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Michael Rookard said...

Looks awesome Paul!

Mark Behm said...

the portraits = awesome.

Paul Reinwand said...

The portraits are super! I just watched the trailer for 40k, cool beans, will you/have you been working on production art or do they have you on another project?

justink said...

*really* diggin the portraits!

Michael Rookard said...

Paul, there are going to be female character choices right?

Sisters of Battle for my wife plz.

Also, I really hope there are more than 2 factions, that is always really susceptible to massive population imbalances :(

Vrav said...

Is that BoBo the Seal?

Paul Richards said...

It is indeed.