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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Construct Codpieces

The Construct Hulk took many steps to reach completion, certainly more than I assisted with.  The most I had to go on initially were those stacked, floating rib-y things.  People liked those.

Head exploration...the head was going to detach at one point and be a different thing, a "Sentinel."  It was going to float over static stone chunks and reanimate them into smaller Constructs.

There also needed to be a dark, "Corrupted" version of it, so I suggested some bolt-on armor plates.

The Corruption bolt-ons I liked best were on this page.

Later, the Corruption would become this thick, black goop stuck to him.  All those extra armor chunks would have taken too much time to make, and they wanted to apply the same effect to other Constructs.

Would you believe I iterated on codpieces for him?  There was an accompanying page showing what they all looked like dangling from his junk-region.  By that point, the design-by-committee had started to become a little ridiculous.

...leading us to an in-the-ballpark modelsheet.  This arm here, that head there, this dick-armor on his dick...  When designs get Frankensteined, they lose unity, often becoming busy.  In the game, you'll notice a bunch more stuff was added for gameplay's sake : crystal sockets in his shoulders and head, climbing planks on his legs and a big, fuck-off hammer.

Process gripes aside, he was salvaged by Vigil's awesome animation, sound and VFX departments. Whoever said making games was straightforward?

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Stef said...

j'ai aimer le design du premier darksiders, tu as participer au second cela assure la qualiter de celui-ci