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Friday, August 17, 2012


To save time, it was important to build characters that shared the same animation rigs from the first Darksiders.  To the far left, you can see a re-skin of a DS1 demon Han Randhawa painted.  To the right of him are two solutions I provided.  One was pangolin inspired, and the other was a forest Greaver.  You guys remember the Greaver, right?  Sure you do.

The pangolin design was dubbed "Stalker" and Joe Mad proceeded to give him a cooler, Tiger-y face, which is reflected in the final asset.  Notice I didn't have to do full orthos of this guy in order for the 3D artists to be faithful to it, kind of like I didn't need to tell the animators how to animate it.  Pros understand.  

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Dado Almeida said...

Ufff! It´s like have a Character Dev. class, for free, every morning. Just want to thank you Paul. With all my heart.