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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet Your Makers : Shaman

The Darksiders franchise is, for the most part, a big, spike-covered sausage party.  Enter the Maker Shaman, the first pitch for whom was somewhere in between a peacock and a belly dancer.  People weren't too jazzed about her.

(I'm including the lights-only version here because I like it better than the color version.)

Round 2 is difficult for me to talk about, because the inspiration was a girl I was crazy about at the time.  Man, was she something.  A healer in her own right.  Ultimately, the design, much like my relationship with the girl, was too ambitious and didn't gain enough traction.  I look back on both and think, "How beautiful.  I put a lot of myself into this, and it was so worth it."

Round 3 : More simple?

Round 4 : Well, how about these?

Round 5 : Number 3 from the previous round got a good reaction, so I worked that up a bit more...

...but, no dice.  Joe had something different in mind, so, like the dutiful henchman I am, I did a clean and turn of it.  Then Avery Coleman did a paintery clean of my clean, and that was that.

Making a concept is a bit like building a relationship. Sometimes, despite your best efforts and intentions, they go in another direction.  But, in most cases, it's for the best.  Here's looking at you, kid.


Chromi - Estevao Chromiec said...

Amazing work! I lik to quantity of details in this characters! Very good work.

barrymcw said...

Thanks so much for all the sharing Paul. This is great stuff.

Ninjak said...

Good work, Paul! Very, good work