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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Death's ride, Despair, is a good place to start.

Despair was built off one of the Abyssal horses from the first Darksiders.  We just pocked a few more holes in his hide and threw on a saddle no one in their right mind would want to sit on.

Originally, Despair was going to be called "Shadow."  I had this idea that he was basically a skeleton horse (think Muramasa), enveloped in "shadow matter."  When at a standstill, the shadow matter would creep in over/inside his bones, creating swirling, opaque flesh, but when he busted into a gallop, you'd see it fly off.  I also thought it would be cool if he littered bones, like a jerk.  "Sheesh, do something about your horse, guy!  Fuckin' bones all over my frozen wasteland..."   

Can you tell I never draw horses?


Kory Lynn Hubbell said...

Gorgeous, Paul. Beautiful lines as always.

Sonya Wolfram said...

This totally made my morning.