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Friday, August 17, 2012

Undead : Ranged

We needed to re-skin the undead from DS1 a bunch of times.  So of course one of them needed to be an ice zombie, because...duh, hello!  Frozen zombies!

Below are some skull treatments.  I liked the idea of his mouth being fused shut by a thick layer of ice, or having icicles danging from his jaw, or -- hell -- pointy icicle teeth, even.  I was putting this orange-y, sepia-y glaze over a lot of my stuff, which BoBo (lead character guy) pointed out made it look like he was on fire, rather than frozen.

...and the dreaded modelsheet.  The two figures on the right were drawn directly over the undead model from Darksiders 1.  The figure on the left was freehanded, and so looks "zappier."

I think they did a mummy zombie after I was gone.  I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.

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Sirscribblesalot said...

Everything that is going on with your blog right now is blowing my mind! I've been here for about 2 hours! Goodness.