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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Your Makers : Forge Sister

Okay, I can tell we're getting bored with random weapons and treasure chests.  Let's get to the meat!

The assignment here was to build an entire "Maker" race based off Ulthane's proportions [top right], starting with a female.

...This took a bit of coaching from Sir. Joe "Mixalot" Madureira.  [lower left body sketch]

...because I'd initially gone skinnier with them.  My high concept was that male Makers made stuff out of magically forged iron and stone, but female Makers could create living matter like trees and flowers and adorable chirping birds (women being life givers and all).

This one got a little closer...

...and below was the sketch that was picked for further development, becoming the design at the top of this post.

Her elaborate headpiece was reduced due to animation and/or budgetary concerns. This is what concept artists call "getting gimped" and what all other game developers call "making a working asset, you stupid concept artist."


Mike Crichlow said...

I think the last picture leads to makerfem15.jpg (which results in an error) as opposed to makerfem5.jpg (which is the true link). Just letting you know. >_< LOVE your work!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh man! So amazing stuff!

Jose Pedro del Teso said...

Whooaaa! Like the final version a lot. Buff and still hot. On the skinnier version, all those beautiful designs over the clothing and hair really make her look like life giver. Again, beautiful!

P.S: Last Image gives an error when trying to maximize.

Paul Richards said...

Good looking out on that botched tag. Fixed!

Larissa Angus said...

Fantastic as always, Paul.
Her 3D model looked fucking amazing...but to everyone's dismay they decided to scrap that one. I was pretty upset when that call was made.

sunny said...

I am playing the game now, still waiting to see a forge sister as cool as your design :D